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Do I get the donor/contact information that is entered into Glass Register?

Yes, through the Glass Register dashboard, you are able to export all gift information and contact information of your donors. Anything a donor inputs into your custom donation form can be exported and you are able to funnel these specific donors into your fundraising program.
Credit card information is withheld and secured within Stripe and this data is not provided to Glass Register nor you as an organization.

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I don’t need all the features. Can I select just the features I need for a lower cost?

Unfortunately this is not a part of our pricing model. For just $200/month, the tools you are provided with will help you succeed and shatter your fundraising goals.

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Do you have a non profit rate?

Glass Register is built especially for non profits, so $200 a month is our non profit rate, and we’ll never take any additional fee beyond your monthly subscription.

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What exactly is customizable?

We built Glass Register on the foundation of customization and flexibility. Nearly everything within Glass Register is customizeable. Here’s a short list of some of the most common customizations:

  • Any field in your donation form
  • Colours, styling, background images
  • Logos, fonts, field sizes
  • Images, navigation, headers and footers surrounding the form
  • Suggested donation amounts
  • Backend tracking codes
  • And more...

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How can I pay for this product?

You can pay for Glass Register through a direct deposit, or monthly post-dated cheque. If you have other specific questions around monthly payment, let us know.

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Do you provide phone support?

We do! If you have further questions and would like to talk to a member of our team, please contact and we will schedule a time to connect with you.

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Which payment processing systems does Glass Register integrate with?

Glass Register integrates with Stripe only due to its ability to have a highly versatile payment processing system.

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What are the minimum fields a donation form must have?

The only basic requirements are a credit card number, expiry date, and CVV number to process online payments. This allows your organization to receive anonymous donations, too.

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What’s your privacy policy?

When you browse our website, your personal data stays secure and confidential.

When your donors give through Glass Register, the transaction information is encrypted and transferred to a secure network using industry standard security technology.

We promise not to release, use, or sell any of your donor’s contact information. This information belongs to you and we will not solicit any of your donors.

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It’s great that you’re Canadian. Do you process donations from other countries?

Yes, you are able to select which countries you would like to accept donations from. See “How do you manage fraudulent donations?”

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How do you manage fraudulent donations?

Through your Glass Register dashboard, you will be able to select which countries you would like to receive donations from. If your website is receiving many fraudulent donations from a particular country, you may want to restrict that country from donating.

Any transaction Stripe flags as fraud does not get processed.

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We categorize countries of possible fraud as White, Grey, or Black. White-listed countries are always accepted. Successful transactions from grey-listed countries go through as usual, but failed charges receive no indication that the transaction failed. (This is so that people who are testing stolen credit cards have no indication whether or not the card worked rendering our system useless to them.) For donations coming from blacklisted countries, we do not process at all.

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What do you mean when you say ‘Zero Transaction Fees’?

Glass Register does not take any additional fee beyond your monthly subscription. However, Stripe does have a small processing fee and credit card transaction fees still apply. Stripe has a non profit rate, learn more here.


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